My name is Susan Michelle Knorr. I’ve been creating artwork my entire life. It began with the box of Crayola crayons a few decades ago! I started my self employment in 1993. I wanted to provide artistic marketing services to brilliant entrepreneurs: the young, enthusiastic, passionate talented people that won’t settle for working the normal 9-5 job. They are seeking self employment and realizing their dreams. I can provide many services needed for your business whether it is a brand new start-up or an existing business. I make digital artwork for marketing. Beautiful designs for branding your company in the marketplace. I also consult new owners with business advice! I love the challenge of listening to a person share their vision for their company. I can create your idea and build your brand.  I offer business expertise to survive the ever evolving world of eCommerce and Marketing.

Logo, Web, Print, Promote with logo branded products!