My name is Susan Michelle Knorr. I’ve been creating artwork my entire life. I have a passion for art and design! I especially love the challenge of creating a logo! I started my self employment in 1993 in a small beach town called Ft. Myers Beach. I loved creating art for Tshirts! My design work expanded to marketing materials like flyers for beach bars, menus for restaurants and other promotional printed pieces. It evolved over the last two decades to a career of providing artistic marketing services to brilliant entrepreneurs. Enthusiastic, passionate, talented people seeking self employment and realizing their own dreams. I provide many services needed for your business whether it is a brand new start-up or an existing business. I make digital artwork for marketing your company. Beautiful designs, a brand in the marketplace. I also consult new owners with business advice! I love the challenge of listening to a person share their vision for their company.¬†

Let’s build your brand.¬†